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Our Mission

To equip the individual to passionately provide effective health and lifestyle services in the areas of Beauty, Spa, Esthetics and Therapeutic Massage by providing career training through academic studies, hands-on education and community involvement.

Our Passion

Our passion is our students. We strive to provide the best possible training with leading edge techniques at a price that saves people thousands and thousands of dollars compared to many options. We are all about helping people to help others while making a great living for their families.

Our Vision

To change people’s lives by giving them a hands-on vocation that helps others.  Our vision is also to lead our students to become “Preferred Hires” for the employment community.  To a large extent, we are achieving this vision every day.

Our Philosophy

Blue Cliff also believes strongly in an individual’s intellectual freedom and respect for individual belief systems as well.  Our approach to education reflects the physical, intellectual, and spiritual components of holistic development emphasizing the personal touch and personal support of each individual student as they pursue their vision of success.

Our Christan Perspective

The school is a welcoming and comfortable place to be where students and guests can enjoy an atmosphere of kindness & family without judgement.  The college prides itself in being Christian, but loving everybody of every faith and belief system.  We welcome and value each person regardless of their world views including: Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and more.

Our History

We have History with Blue Cliff dating back to 1993, and have been in Mobile since 2000. Blue Cliff Career College of Mobile, Alabama was founded in 1997 and has since grown into what we believe to be one of the most respected and innovative Spa Training centers in the nation. In June of 2000, the school was purchased by R.M. Denney.

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